Manifestation Miracle Review

Manifestation Miracle – The Real Secret to Success or Just another Scam?

You probably have heard a lot about Manifestation Miracle and are wondering what the fuss is all about. To give you a better idea of and to explain you the truth behind this miracle book, this review has been made. Read on to find out whether it can change your whole life or it is just a scam like many other guidebooks out there.

What is The Manifestation Miracle?

Manifestation Miracle ReviewManifestation Miracle is an eBook containing 159 pages that can be considered as a personal development course. It has been especially designed to help people reach their desired goals no matter what they are. It was created by Heather Matthews who is a reputed life and energy coach and also a transformational speaker.

This book stress on educating the readers some unique approaches that may harness the power of this universe without requiring much effort from them. Although it is based on the “law of attraction,” it does not contain any mind-boggling and silly concepts and it is also not a result of the author’s pure fantasy. In fact, Heather Mathews has shared some easy-to-grasp, yet potent methods that may bound the universe to give you exactly what you want in life. 

How Does The Manifestation Miracle System Work?

Manifestation Miracle makes use of scientific evidence so as to support it formula; i.e., the more vibrant one is, the more attractive they might be to nature; which is what we call “the law of attraction.” This book does not emphasize on working hard or struggling, rather it attempts to teach you how to manifest your own magnetic vibrations in the right way.

What Will You Learn from It?

This guidebook might teach you the following things:Manifestation Miracle Review

  1. The secret methods which may force the universe to fulfil your dreams
  2. The most effective ways to identify the crucial but missing points of the law of attraction
  3. The simple but effective methods to attract whatever you want in your life.

In Manifestation Miracle, Heather Matthews has put special focus on “destiny tuning” that might help you make use of the power of the universal and with it, you might be able to take full advantage of the law of attraction for your own benefits. Thus, whatever your goal is, be it achieving success in your professional life, or finding happiness or getting fit or becoming a wealthy person; you might be able to gain it with minimum effort.

What’s Included in the Product?

Manifestation Miracle comes with 5 additional items plus some bonuses to help you make the most of it.

Manifestation Miracle Guide 

Manifestation Miracle ReviewThis is a well-designed and step-by-step guide to assist you in harnessing the law of attraction to be successful in life. It comprises 20 chapters with comprehensible and simple instructions on the following:

  • How to make proper use of “Destiny Tuning” so as to raise the frequency of your own vibrations.
  • A thorough description of the way the law of attraction works to help you gain immediate and maximum results
  • A summary of certain psychological methods that are based on science to help you understand its functioning
  • A “Cheat-Sheet Methods” section to aid you in compelling the universe to surrender, thus allowing you to realize your full potential.

    1. Abundance Success Workbook

This is a 3-week guide that may act as a pacesetter for your pursuit of success and happiness. You have to complete this first prior to starting Manifestation Miracle.

2. Audio Edition of Manifestation Miracle

This is an audio version of this book with all the contents in it for you to listen to it on the go. It is also useful for the auditory learners.

  1. Chapter summary video series

This video series contains brief videos to explain every chapter of this book. It also features the co-founder of this program, Mark Ling as well as a team member, Brooke Ryan.

  1. Abundant Wealth Mind Track

It is a collection in form of MP3 to help you keep focus on your quest to success, wealth and happiness.

What Will You Learn From Manifestation Miracle?

  • It will give you a better understanding of how to make money by doing those things that you love most and are passionate about. Thus you will not have to work hard to fulfil someone else’s dreams, but rather yours.
  • It will help you gain financial freedom that is the ultimate desire of almost every person in this world.
  • It will help you learn the ways to attract only positive people and thoughts in your life for success and for increasing your happiness.
  • It will allow you to have an insight into the working of love and relationships. Thus, you will be happier than before and love and enjoy your life without any insecurities.
  • It will teach you how to make use of the law of attraction to the fullest so that those who doubt your abilities will be jealous of your achievements.

In short, it will guide you on how to attract peace and wealth in your life using certain secrets of nature for a happy and peaceful life that you have always dreamt of. Thus, it can be considered as a life-changing book. 


  1. Easy to Grasp

What makes this book so much effective is the fact that with it, you will not have to cope with long and uninteresting visual exercises that are usually a part of other personal development courses available.  Heather Mathews has shared the ideas and approaches in this book in an easy to understand manner that you can apply in your everyday life without any issues

2. Useful for all

You do not need to have a thorough understanding of the law of attraction so as to fully utilize this course. Whatever your gender, age, social class or educational background is, Manifestation Miracle is there for you to provide you access to the power of this universe for manifesting all your desires for a better life.

3. Great insights into the law of attraction

It seems like the author, Heather Mathews, has been successful in setting this guidebook apart from another similar type of products that are also based on the law of attraction. It is capable of providing useful contents explaining how the universe influences different aspects of your life that you may have never imagined of.

4. Affordable for all

The author has tried to keep Manifestation Miracle within everyone’s reach by keeping its price reasonable, which is very much appreciable. Unlike other personal development courses that may cost you a huge fortune, this program is affordable for all classes of people

5. Money back guarantee

In case you think it is not used upon your purchase, which is unlikely to happen, you will get your money back within 2 months of purchase. You will not even be asked why you have not been benefited by this program.


1. You have to put in time and effort

You should keep in mind that this is not a program that can make you rich and successful overnight. You have to give your best to understand the whole concept of this book and make every effort possible in your day to day life to make it happen.

2. Available in pdf format only

This eBook is available only in PDF format and so if you prefer a hardcopy, you will have to print it out yourself. However, there are audio and video materials that come with this program for your convenient use.

Cost/Price Plans

It costs $47 and there is a paid newsletter option for $37 per month, though this is optional.

Refund Policy

Manifestation MiracleIt comes with a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Thus, if you find it ineffective in some way, you may ask for a refund and the authority will do the needful immediately.


Considering the information mentioned above and numerous positive Manifestation Miracle reviews available online, it can be said that this is not a scam in any way, but a guidebook that helps you acknowledge the law of attraction to use it for achieving whatever you want in your life. This eBook is the final result of a lot of research conducted by the author and her team, and it is based on scientifically proven facts. So you may purchase this program and utilize it without keeping any doubt in your mind regarding the effectiveness of it. In this manifestation miracle review, we have tried to explain every aspect of Manifestation Miracle and we hope that you have found it very useful. 

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